Projected Image Comp.

NCPP Rules for Projected Submission in Image Comp: 10/5/2010
Members (current with 2012 dues) only may enter.

Scroll down to bottom for video on how to prepare your images.

• NCPP has two types of competition Projected (monthly) and Prints for People Choice twice a year. See the news letter for specifics.
• All of our existing image comp rules apply to both Print and Projected Submissions, except as noted below.
• Print and Projected compete for the same 3 places, Best of Show, 2nd and 3rd.
• Limit of 30 Projected images per meeting can be entered.
• Time limit for judging each image that is reasonable and will get us done by 10:45 at the latest.
• Use a laptop for the projection of images, and 25″ monitor for the judges viewing and audience.
• Member can enter only a total of two images per month. Two in Print for People’s Choice or two in Projected. But not the same image in both.
• A Print or Projected image may be re-entered under the same rules we have now. In that if the print did not score a minimum of an 80, it may be re-worked and re-entered in the same category it was originally entered. If it scored an 80 or above it is considered retired and cannot be re-entered.
• People’s Choice will remain the same as we do presently, displaying an image ready to hand to the customer, and voted on by NCPP members. No Projected entries for People’s Choice.

Entrants may submit either prints – (photographic or press printed images presented for judging under lights) or projected submissions – (a projected file presented for judging on a monitor) or a combination of either entry type.

Projected Submission Specifications. (this size fits within the PPA rules, except PPA requires your PPA# not your name in the file name):
1. Files must be sized 4000 x 2200 pixels (20″ x 11″ at 200ppi). Each file must contain an embedded color profile of either sRGB or Adobe RGB1998 and be saved at a JPEG quality setting of 10. Total file size should not exceed 3.5 (3 1/2) MB.
1a. Download this jpeg and use it for your canvas Right click and Save AS (Then drag your image onto it, It is the correct size and color space).
2. Files are to be named, Member’s first and last name_Image_Title. (use_for spaces).
3. Example file name: Bill_Jones_Mount_Diablo_Sunset.
4. Images must be emailed to 2nd Vice President no later than the Wednseday prior to the Tuesday meeting, at Midnight to be eligible.
5. Entry fee of $5.00 per image must be paid via Pay Pal no later than the Wednesday prior to the Thursday meeting, at Midnight to be eligible.
Late fee after Wednesday midnight is $10 per image.
Walk-ins Projected Images day of meeting $10 per image (cash at the door).

6. Example image sizing variations available for download or viewing.CLICK HERE

Pay via PayPal then email your images CLICK HERE

Projected Images Competition if paid by Wednesday Midnight $5 per images.

 Late fee is $10 per image (after Wednesday Midnight). Walk-ins Projected Images day of meeting $10 per image (cash at the door)      





How to video: Prepping images in Photoshop for NCPP Projected Image Competition:
by Wayne Miller

How to video: Prepping images in Lightroom for NCPP Projected Image Competition:
by Wayne Miller

Download sample Images:

Sample JPEG
Sample 01
Sample 02
Sample 03
Sample 04
Sample 05