Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

Approved by the board of Direc­tors Jan­u­ary 20, 1998

 Hav­ing been accepted for mem­ber­ship in the North­ern Cal­i­for­nia Pro­fes­sional Photographers,

I do hereby sub­scribe, with­out reser­va­tion, to this Code of Ethics, and do solemnly agree that:

 (1) I will endeavor to advance the sta­tus of the pho­to­graphic pro­fes­sion by main­tain­ing a dig­nity of man­ner in my behav­ior, in the pre­sen­ta­tion of my pho­tog­ra­phy and pho­to­graphic ser­vices, in the appear­ance of my stu­dio or place of busi­ness, and in all other forms of pub­lic contact.

 (2) I will observe the high­est stan­dards of hon­esty in all my trans­ac­tions; avoid the use of false titles, con­fus­ing or inac­cu­rate tech­ni­cal terms or descrip­tions and mis­lead­ing terms or claims.

 (3) I will at all times endeavor to pro­duce the type of pho­tog­ra­phy and pho­to­graphic ser­vice that will enhance the pres­tige of the pro­fes­sion; to apply my best efforts in behalf of the pub­lic; to play my part in rais­ing the gen­eral stan­dard of pho­to­graphic craftsmanship.

 (4) I will show a friendly spirit of coop­er­a­tion to my fel­low pro­fes­sional pho­tog­ra­phers and assist them when­ever pos­si­ble should they be in trou­ble or difficulty.

 (5) I will avoid at all times the use of unfair busi­ness prac­tices deter­mined by the Board of Directors.

 (6) I will assist and give my knowl­edge to the mem­bers of my pro­fes­sion, and will encour­age them indi­vid­u­ally and col­lec­tively so that the stan­dards of pho­tog­ra­phy may con­stantly be raised to higher standards.

 (7) In all mat­ters relat­ing to the inter­pre­ta­tions of this Code, I will rec­og­nize the author­ity of the North­ern Cal­i­for­nia Pro­fes­sional Pho­tog­ra­phers.